What a beautiful day. We’re not scared…

Oh but it was a gorgeous evening for Iron Mum last night – a glorious, sultry summer evening just made for lying in a hammock with a Pimms, but with a lovely cooling breeze that made it equally perfect for an easy run with good company beforehand.

We weren't really lost. Honest.

We weren’t really lost. Honest.

All the Newbies who started training with us this year have now graduated to Trotters or Trotters Lite, so routes last night ranged from 6km to 12km – I’d planned a 7km route for the Trotters, mainly on road. However my appalling distance-estimating skills tripped me up yet again: it became glaringly obvious that the planned route was too short. To lengthen it – I HATE short-changing people – we took in an extra loop on a path I don’t often take, and when I have taken it it’s been from the other direction. You can probably guess what happened next.

I didn’t get us lost exactly, I didn’t even lose anyone, but the nice easy road run I’d promised them turned into a high-kneed prance through long grass followed by a period of hacking our way through a slightly spooky wood with one of those paths that keeps threatening to disappear in a bank of nettles. Now, I’ve been lost on runs before. This wasn’t lost – I knew exactly where we were – it was just a little… off piste. And it’s the first time most of the Trotters have gone off piste. But did they howl and complain?

They did not. Well, not much. Instead, what I heard drifting through the trees a little behind me was:

‘We’re going on a bear hunt… we’re not scared!’

‘Stumble trip, stumble trip…’

Love these girls 🙂

(We emerged from the wood at exactly the right point to rejoin a familiar path, thankfully, and the extended route came in at bang on 7km, so overall I think that went rather well….)


3 Comments on “What a beautiful day. We’re not scared…”

  1. […] months, six PBs clocked, one stone lost, one bear hunt undertaken, new friends, one great team. I am so pleased I was part of it all. I just hope that one day I get […]

  2. mercyjm says:

    Sounds just a touch on the Blair Witch side, glad you all got home!

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